SAP Cyber Security

SAP Cyber Security

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We are proud to offer the Onapsis X1 solution!

Onapsis X1 is the industry’s first comprehensive solution for the automated security assessment of SAP systems.

Backed by the periodic updates from the Onapsis Research Labs against the latest threats to SAP systems, Onapsis X1 detects:

  • Insecure ABAP and Java instance configurations
  • Missing SAP Security Notes and patches
  • Dangerous user authorizations
  • Insecure interfaces between your systems

Onapsis X1 is the industry’s first comprehensive SAP-certified solution for the automated application security assessment of SAP systems. Backed by the frequent updates from the Onapsis Research Labs, Onapsis X1 detects insecure SAP ABAP and Java configurations, missing SAP Security Notes and patches, dangerous user authorizations, insecure interfaces between SAP systems and threats affecting SAP mobile platforms. Following Onapsis X1’s detailed mitigation procedures, customers can increase the security level of their platform, decrease business fraud risks and enforce current compliance requirements.

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